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<img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/JE_MAIN_06_09_20_S2_E01_006_Q01.png" width="80%"> <br> A uniform rod of length 'l' is pivoted at one of itd ends on a vertical shaft of negligible radius When the shaft rotates at angular speed `omega` the rod makes an angle `theta` with it (see figure) . To find `theta` equate the rate of change of angular momentum (direction going into the paper) `(ml^2)/(12) omega^2 sin theta cos theta` about the centre of mass (CM) to the torque provided by the horizontal and vertical forces `F_H` and `F_V` about the CM. The value of `theta` is then such that :


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Option1 `cos theta = (g)/(2lomega^2)`Option2 `cos theta = (3g)/(2lomega^2)`Option3 `cos theta = (g)/(lomega^2)`Option4 `cos theta = (2g)/(3lomega^2)`


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according to question a uniform rod of length L is pivoted at one end on a vertical shaft of negligible rate radius when rotated angular velocity Omega the road makes angle theta with it ok so where to find the theatre show a as we know that the road is rotating in a horizontal plane to keep it in equilibrium position that should that is important that talk about that suspension points should be zero ok netaon should be zero if we take any condition where that is a vertical plane and the road is pivoted at that point ok and that is a road that is the angle theta and that

what is rotating in that plan sunao I considered a element of DX length from that point x ok so X is the distance of the element from the suspension point the mass of that element is DM ok sodium is equal to Lambda Lambda is linear mass density of the total mass of the road is the total length is l cylinder can be written as MBL into DX so that is the value of DM ok at that point it element that two forces one is due to gravitational force that is downward direction the force of gravity is in download direction that is TM

ji ok another force is centrifugal force that is outside that is the radius are so the force outside the circular path is DM omega square DM omega square are yah R is equal to x sin theta ok is equal to x sin theta so now we have to find Network at that about that point the suspension point stock due to gravitational force is equal to talk to 220 fuel force total due to gravitational force is equal to centre of mass

distance from that point that is MgCl2 and distance is sin theta and torque due to centrifugal force ok so I talk on that element is the omega square is equal to x sin theta ok so would value of a capital M upon capital and omega square x sin theta X ok integration should be zero to L so here

distance also multiply the distance of that element in the diagram distance of that element that is x cos theta and as we know that ok is equal to force into distance perpendicular distance so that also multiply here that is x cos theta ok x cos theta so am upon l Mega Square sin theta cos theta is common here integration zero to LN x square MG 2 Sin Theta

ok sin theta sin theta skirt is a cut so we will get the value GLS upon to omega square ok that is equal to cos theta integration of x square is l cube by 3 x cube by 3 and we will put limit 012 we will get l'cube upon 3 ok Sudha final answer is equal to cos theta is equal to 3 by 2 ji upon l upon omega square so final answer will be equal to cos theta is equal to 3 upon 2 l omega square which option is

3.2 square 3.2 L square show correct option is S

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