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Electrostatic Potential And Capacitors


A uniform electric field E is ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`theta="tan"^(-1)(El)/(mv_(0)^(2))``theta=tan^(-1) ((e El)/(mv_(0)^(2)))``theta=tan^(-1) ((e El)/(mv_(0)))``theta=tan^(-1) ((e E)/(mv_(0)^(2)))`

Answer : B

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hello dear students Ho Gaya given with the question which day is a uniform electric field is created between two parallel charge played as shown in the figure and electron enters the paint symmetrically between the plates with the speed of we not the length of each plate is l and we need to find the angle of deviation of the path of electron as it comes out of the fields we need to calculate this value of theta which is given away so let's try to understand what should be in the scenario given to us even with the two parallel plates let's make it via so let's suppose that this is the plate and so this is the plate given to us which is of length L and electron enters into it to the output terminal of the plate is given to this is

possible and this is the negative potential of the plate and one electron enters with velocity V let suppose that this is the electron and it enters into the field with some velocity V not alright so we know that whenever the charge is and charge and electric field it experiences of Port Audit and whenever it experiences of post it gets debated that electron was trying to move this but it gets debated and it moves along this as the parts store near alright so we are as we can see the way to edit been accelerated in this when till the time it was between the plates so it gets accelerated and with some velocity it it get

mention it comes out of the electric field that supposed that that velocity to be as weak electrolyte suppose that with velocity V it is coming out so let's make more clearly with velocity V the electron is coming out let se this is the direction of velocity V so we need to find this angle that is angle theta how much from it but it actually get deviated actually the electron was supposed to move in a straight line and / it get deviated from it but we are interested in finding this angle data so if we can actually get the component of velocity in exton component of velocity in the Y direction we can easily calculate the value of theta from here

let's try to analyse it for the as we know it's a negative charge that is electron so it will be debited in the opposite direction of the electric field in electric field is it is in this direction it will get debated in the opposite direction that is a world away so let's try to understand this so this is win the scenario given to us and this is the case of two dimensional motion or a motion in a plane when we are having two component of velocity that is horizontal and vertical component and the strength of the plate is given to be as it been given to be us as l alright let's move farther now very interested in finding

we require with the value of v y and X 18 weeks and weeks we can easily find the value of theta so we have to analyse this motion into two parts that is along the horizontal component along the vertical component so let's calculated for a long horizontal component along horizontal align to along horizontal what we can write various the initial velocity that is along its direction is given to be as we not let take it as we not and the distance which it will be covering along the X direction with will be l so this was the activation of the portlet suppose it has to be why it gets this much of David debated along the y axis

excited why are properly why no us is been given to us we not and since we know that there is no acceleration acting in the horizontal direction to we can directly calculate its value and the distance it is travelling along the horizontal component let's suppose it is to be act that would always so we can calculate the time time would be displaced that is distance upon velocity it comes out to be aloevera be not now now let's calculated for the vertical component that is for the vertical motion motion along motion along y-axis article motion motion along y axis for for that we can write

the initial velocity along the Y component was zero so we can ride u i can be equal to zero and the time taken again would be the same as of Alwar Vinod because the that time it required to come to this point and the time required to come to this is the same over to the simultaneous be covering along Y and x axis so this is being the case and also we know that along y-axis this electron is observing a pose in the opposite direction and this force is given by formula Epic was to give me so this is been the case at equal to you if he is electric field vector we have taken so you are in this case we can calculate the value of acceleration from this course to acceleration can be written as

acceleration along way I can be written as the f bi M bi f bi is nothing but you divide by M which comes out to be Kyon where is electron this is the acceleration we are getting now we can calculate easily the value of Y Horror Show fear as they were calculated value of Accent ove now we can calculate the value of Y Y we can you simultaneous we can use scanner medical equation over because this is in case of accelerated motion we will going to use the sequel to UT plus half a t square or let you why is zero in this case we are getting the result as half into a is nothing but we buy M and T square is a square by Vinod square alright so this is been the case so we have got the displacement that is why along y axis

now we are interested in finding reaction why so let from here we can use the direction of concept as we velocity initial velocity would be equal to the final velocity because it is getting and debated so there is no 4 Sector 18 to it remains velocity remains the same in this case now in this case we have to use again the chemical equation for that we will use v = u + 80 + 80 that is a we will get the value of us as we were as you why is nothing but zero and a we have got as i m into TT is nothing but aloevera we not to this is the value of Y

calculated and once you have got fever and we act we can directly go for the for this means we can directly look into this diagram and we can calculate the value of theta vacancy in the diagram that this component and this component that is we text and this is why result and was in between that is we so we can ship to this vector that is why vector can be shifted over this site so what triangle we are getting is what this kind of triangle we are getting this is our Y component Vivo I am this is our VX and this aur angle theta so what we can I do virus in this figure tan theta tan theta can be written as we wear over VX

Vivo over VX and calculated we were as a knot and we access is nothing but our we not only hope it will become be not Square show that the angle of data comes out to be 10 inverse of a square alright so this is the result of this is the angle of deviation we are getting to the correct option matching to this age option number be so I hope you have understood the concept and thank you for watching

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