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A uniform electric field E is ...

A uniform electric field E is created between two parallel <br> ., charged plates as shown in figure . An electron <br> . enters the field symmetrically between the plataes with a <br> . speed `v_0. The length of each plate is l. Find the angle of <br> . deviation of the path of the electron as it comes out <br> . of the field. <br> <img src="" width="80%"> θ = tan − 1 E l m v 2 0 θ = tan − 1 ( e E l m v 2 0 ) θ = tan − 1 ( e E l m v 0 ) θ = tan − 1 ( e E m v 2 0 )

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`theta="tan"^(-1) (El)/(mv_(0)^(2))``theta="tan"^(-1) ((e El)/(mv_(0)^(2)))``theta=tan^(-1) ((e El)/(mv_(0)))``theta=tan^(-1) ((e E)/(mv_(0)^(2)))`

Answer : B


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hello question a uniform electric field created between the two parallel plates charge charge placed as shown in figure out on the field between the plates speed of the length of the blade is l and find the angle of elevation of the park as it is come out of electric field so these are the options in this is the figure the length of the plate is l and we have two letters analyse this as

electron have some velocity in abstraction in the straight line but due to be paid electrical always coming from positive to negative in action experience in Y direction direction is post

so as we all know that in some force is acting the acceleration must happen right force on a charged particle is cute so there is minus is electron charge and easy electric field force on the on the electron when is travelling from this path in my direction is IT solution in Vizag small so so to find acceleration we must know which is divisible to am waiting both of them having a is equals to

Marley And Me we can find acceleration in small in Saudi acceleration in the world direction but we want to know the largest city in India is equals to provide valuable because we can breathe draw this

this is the market this year also so we can find the value of acceleration in Y direction hi Nau Logon velocity in a simple connecting 8008

the Vinod is the initial velocity and acceleration obtained by and we have the acceleration in small capital A divided into 3 which is and it was the first to be why are we having to a new variable with it so we can see that the distance in sepsis and distance in wire equal find the time from assets is equation simply

equals to length of the blades and city in this is we not give an indication and we have to find the time to time it was not give this into this entity which is l by train

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