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Jee Mains


A uniform chain of mass m & le...

A uniform chain of mass m & length L is kept on a smooth horizontal table such that `(L)/(n) `portion of the chaing hangs from the table. The work dione required to slowly bringsthe chain completely on the table is

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : D


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hello problem states that a uniform chain of mass M and length L is kept on a smooth horizontal table the state and part of the change from the table so we have to find the work done required to study in the chain complete the table is what is the situation that support if this is the table on which that she is the total mass of the chain is modem and its total length of penis placed the album end portion of the chain is standing here so we have to find what work

is required in order to place the sending for that year the portable external force people to where M is the mass of G is the acceleration due to gravity and h.h.s. the displacement of the centre of mass by what is still limited edition is here to centre of mass is at a distance of a and find the centre of mass is so what is the displacement of the centre of mass of displacement is Albert one to be more the value of h

SL tour S Dino in the length L the mass is an issue in the unit length the masses and what will be the mark in the length of the mass M B L into by Amber and so this is what the value of masses 10 masses M1 M2 what is the water which is a and elder to so that is equal to MPL by 2 and score


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