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Class 11






Superposition And Standing Waves


A travelling wave has speeds 5...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Solution : Given `v_(1) = 50 m//s and v_(2) = 200 m//s` <br> `A_(r) = ((v_(2) - v_(1))/( v_(2) + v_(1)))A_(i) and A_(t) = (( 2 v_(2))/( v_(2) + v_(1))) A_(i)` <br> `:. (A_(r))/( A_(t)) = (( 200 - 50 )m//s)/( 2xx 200 m//s) = ( 3)/(8)`

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50 metre per second hand 200 metre per second into different media and traveling through a is incident normally on a plane boundary separating A and B are in the ratio of amplitude of the reflected on the materials we get selected from the sperm can see a link to the wave in this year is our country so this is incident leave this is of interest to be happy so we can say is given by the formula of 2 - 31 in the denominator we have as two plus three well into amplitude of incident wave

22122 incident where to find the rate of amplitude and transmitted will show the ratio will be given as a / 80 as we can see here we 2 + 2 - 3 well we have to say this is how we do it is a 50 so that is 2203 show is 100-400 which is 15 by 40 is 53558 answer the ratio 3 ratio 8

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