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Jee Main Revision Test - 27 - Jee -2020


A transverse wave travels on a...

A transverse wave travels on a taut steel wire with a velocity of when tension in it is `2.06xx10^4 N` . When the tension is changed to T, the velocity changed to 3v. The value of T is close to :


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`10.2 xx10^2 N``5.15 xx10^3 N``2.50xx10^4 N``18.54 xx10^4 N`

Answer : D
Solution : Velocity of transverse wave `V prop sqrtT` <br> `V to 3V rArr T to T' = 9T` < br> `T' 2.06xx10^4 xx9=18.54 xx10^4 N`


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hello Google can I transfer Travels on a Trout with velocity the tension is when the temple is it ok to find out the value of total velocity square is proportional to see what is proportional to the square to hear the become initially the velocity was B and now it is CD so the tension will become 9 times

if the velocity became three times it means that 2.06 10 to the power 4