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Jee Main Revision Test - 27 - Jee -2020


A transverse wave travels on a...

A transverse wave travels on a taut steel wire with a velocity of when tension in it is `2.06xx10^4 N` . When the tension is changed to T, the velocity changed to 3v. The value of T is close to :


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`10.2 xx10^2 N``5.15 xx10^3 N``2.50xx10^4 N``18.54 xx10^4 N`

Answer : D
Solution : Velocity of transverse wave `V prop sqrtT` <br> `V to 3V rArr T to T' = 9T` < br> `T' 2.06xx10^4 xx9=18.54 xx10^4 N`


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