A transparent cube of 15cm edge contains a small air bubble. Its apparent depth when viewed through one face is 6cm and when viewed through the opposite face is 4cm. Then the refractive index of the material of the cube is


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transparent tube of 15 CM contains a small that will be viewed through one piece is 6 cm and a few opposite face is 4 cm and the refractive index of the material of the cube is so here we have this is the face of which contains a small so this is our 11 which is an object of this is given out as 15 we can say you if this distance is power extend the system will be a 50 - 6 consider this as a 15 - 6 and it's a is when you through one face it is 6 cm and opposite face it is
so we have a lot of object / incident refractive index is equal to active index of factory we consider this as an object now while passing through this medium to this year so so case of passing through the that said you to work pattern text increases in angle of refraction in three so we can say the relative / age we can secure that so4 first consider placing an actual death incident which is view is equal to b and c a height of which is
given out AK 60 with you through 18 / refractive index of excitatory so this is our first second question coming from this site you can see here this lesson our refractive index u21 - 63 as you listen the is used as food Centre / at care so we can say we need to find the value of refractive index of the material of the few that is new pics from the first equation is 6 new and we can set this comes first 15 - X equal to 4 cm from these two equations
accept new equal to 4 10 new value comes out as 15 which implies new comes out to be 1.5 1.5 means option number phone is the answer so phone is our correct answer

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