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Class 11






Newton's Laws Of Motion 2


A thin rod of length 1 m is fi...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : From force diagram of bead <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> `N = ma_(0) = 4 m` <br> `mg - mu N = ma` <br> `or mg - (1)/(2) 4m - ma`<br> `or 10m - 2m = ma rArr a = 8 ms^(-2)` <br> `L = (1)/(2)at^(2) or 1 = (1)/(2) xx 8 xx t^(2) or t^(2) = (1)/(4)`<br> `:. t = (1)/(2)s`

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Pawan Singh hot of length one metre is fixed in a vertical position inside a train which is moving horizontally with an acceleration of 4 metre per second square A Beat slides on the rod and coefficient of friction is this if the heat is released from rest at the top of the rod will it it will reach the bottom in Sunderland theory is given here it is 1 metre and expansion of the train is this the friction Coefficient is also if you see it in the frame of this road itself then the weed will experience a pseudo force in opposite direction and it will be equals to admin to eat if you hear the limiting friction force will act because the the bid is in motion diet so if you see the limiting

Force It will be equal to 2 x of n n n u can see this is it is not moving in this direction so as to just put it so if you see me 2 is given here and acceleration is also given Som you put the value of Mu and a new is point 5 is 4 so it will be to App will be the limiting friction force and energy will be equals to if you see here the G is 10 and is not given the question is this the forces and have a limiting friction force that is too if you see in vertical direction to date so the net force will be equals to

I will write -2 M that is a temperate so it will be the net force and acceleration will be simply net force in the vertically downward direction by the mass and you'll get the insulation test positive I wrote this and length of the rod is 1 m given here and acceleration we got 8 metre per second so I will write 814 square is equals to 1 by 4 and T is equals to this so this will be the answer of this question simple thank you

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