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<img src="" width="80%"> <br> A thermodynamic system undergoes two process `P_(1)` and `P_(2)` from `AtoB` as shown in `P-V` diagram, choose the correct option.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : B


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hello students so this is a question we have given the graph API vi graph we have given a position of a and b and two processes P1 and P2 we have to do that this is the option to find the correct options in that ok there is given Delta u p Delta u p to Delta u is internal energy change in internal energy and gives a heated and w is a work done so according to the solution we are writing a solution of this question solution so firstly we should know about the basic thermodynamics first law what is thermodynamics first law

Delta u is equal to Q - w u is change in internal energy change in internal energy NQ is heated edit w is work done by the work done by the system so we are doing this question so we should know about that what is a graph there given a graph is given that are you is a state function that are you is a step function show state of a

NB initial and final state of A and B are same so we can say that that are you of the same through P1 and P2 are the same so we're getting the to option 1 and 2 so we should know now we have to find the heat ok say that are you in same we have but what is the formula of work done when should is have formula pdb pdv in maths pdv the graph indicates that the area of the this area feeding or even pressure is the work done for the given pressure and work done by the peter pressure

is this area so we should know hear that the area volume is increasing so pdb is posted so here of the even is larger than the age of the P2 so here we can say that work done through P1 is greater than P2 so so we have to then Delta u is same for both pressure French and two we have to find that who is large and minimum and we have given and we can find the work done using the graph

b17 is greater than so in this question data use same view is different to visit and well done through P1 is large dance Delta you for p2p one sev up21 - lesbian even less than this value is less so it goes here super Delta to p12 Delta u + this work done this work done to Delta u Plus balance of payment verdant p2p one is large value through P1 is large

large Raja this is smaller so cute even is greater than UPTU Sudhanshu discussion is second option

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