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A submarine emits a sonar pulse, which returns from an underwater cliff in 1.02s. If the speed of sound in water is 1531m/s, how far away is the cliff ?



hello sir welcome to attend the questionnaire is a submarine emits solar pulse which returns from underwater Cliff and 1.02 S and if the speed of sound in water is given as 5031 metre per second we have been asked how far away it is a is it was so first of all this Villa is the solution that submarine submerged in water and support this is the clip at a distance D from the submarine so when this Sona Amit this sound this sound will first come to the Cliff and then go back in December action to be detected by the Sona Sona itself so here and there will be the total distance covered by
the sound while going down and while coming up so the total distance Sonar pulse will be coming down the coming up that is D + d2d and now time taken 1.02 s the and the speed of water in a speed of sound in water is given and as 1541 metre per second show will have their work Total distance that is to be divided by 1.0 to S will be equal to 12 study of sound that is 1531 metre per second now that will be equal to de record 1531 into 1.02 / 2 M now after completing this
will get the equal to 7 80.8 one does declare 780 1.81 M away from the submarine from the submarine so that's all for the social guys thank you


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