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A student measuring the diamet...

A student measuring the diameter of a pencil of circular cross-section with the help of a vernier scale records the following four readings 5.50 mm, 5.55 mm, 5.45 mm and 5.65 mm. The average of these four readings is 5.5375 mm and the standard deviation of the data is 0.07395 mm. The average diameter of the pencil should therefore be recorded as :


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`(5.5375 pm 0.0739)mm``(5.5275 pm 0.0740) mm``(5.538 pm 0.074) mm``(5.54 pm 0.07)mm`


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in this question student measuring the diameter of a pencil record greetings for reading writing and standard deviation of the data is given the average diameter should be recorded in that 401 can give readings like this but it cannot give 6.5

give readings that leverage this data should be manipulated after this product rule for rounding off this year should be added plus one because then it just is greater than 57 therefore this average diameter should be written right now our standard deviation for error in the measurement

7395 the data should be recorded as D plus minus Dil Ta De now we know that in addition subtraction the number of number of digits after decimal in final should be equal to the minimum number of digits after decimal values right but we are going to do it we know that this

round number two decimal places the number that we are going to drop here is 35 there should not be an added data should be recorded at 5.54 0.07 mm average diameter this is our final answer knowledge test method with the options here are aur 4th matches the correct option

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