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Description Of Motion In One Dimension


A student is standing at a dis...

A student is standing at a distance of 50 metre from the bus. As soon as the bus begins its motion with an acceleration of `1m//s^(2)`, the student starts running towards the bus with a uniform velocity u. assuming the motion to be along a straight road, the minimum value of u. so that the student is able to catch the bus is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`12 m//s^(-1)``10 m//s^(-1)``8 m//s^(-1)``5 m//s^(-1)`

Answer : b
Solution : Applying `v^(2)-u^(2)=2` as, for the motion of bus <br> `u=0, a=1 ms^(-2)` <br> `v^(2)-0=2xx1xx50=100` <br>`:. V=10 ms^(-1)` <br> Hence to catch the bus the student should run at least with uniform velocity of `10 ms^(-1)`


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