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A string of length 2m is fixed...

A string of length 2m is fixed at two ends. It is in resonance with a tuning fork of frequency 240 Hz in its third harmonic. Then speed of wave sound in string and its fundamental frequency is:


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B


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hello the problem states that string of length 2 metre is fixed at the two ends it is it resonates with 40 Hz and it is in its third are Modi now we have to find the speed of the wave sound industry and its fundamental frequency is what you are given with a string with just fixed between the two and it is vibrating in its third harmonic take it is in third harmonic determine the total number of loops that are being a MP3 and frequency is given to us to

find the relation between l and the wavelength and length of the string and the people and so we can see that this is one tablet and this is the Half-Blood total length of the string is number + number by to which 303 Lanka by 2 is equal to length of this day and given to us to M so from here the value of Lambda would be 2 into 2 by 3 M we know the speed is given by f 22 Raptor frequencies 24343 20 metre per second at this is the speed of the salt industry

Nokia 2nd per we have to find its fundamental frequency so when the state will be in its fundamental date and time of the fundamental frequency means for determining the extreme is in its third harmonic the fundamental frequency would be three times of the given frequency to the given frequency 40 words that would be 245 380 3rd will be its fundamental frequency accordingly we can choose option as a writer and researcher with answer thank you