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A string fixed at both ends, o...

A string fixed at both ends, oscillate in 4th harmonic. The displacement of particular wave is given as `Y=2Asin(5piX)cos(100pit)`. Then find the length of the string?

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

80 cm100cm60 cm120 cm

Answer : A


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hello the problem states that string fixed at both ends oscillates in its fourth harmonic the displacement of the particular page is given by Y is to a sign of 55 x Cos 105 then we have to find the length of the string the options given to us a 8760 CM or 120 CM so let's understand the concept was given with a string which is fixed between the two ends and it is vibrating in its fourth harmonic so what do you mean by the harmonic part that the total number of loops that represents that harmonic when the string is fixed between the two and if the string is vibrating in its put her

total number of loops that the string is forming will before so it should be like this is what it mean when it by its in the fourth harmony know as we know that this is equals to 1 number so how many wavelength is there in the length of the string so the length of the string is an and deletion and is equal to twice of laptop so call to aap to find the value of temporal so the question given to us is equal to two way sign no 55 x205t so we can

compare it with the standard equation of the standing tape for the stationary sin x Cos Omega T so on comparing we can see that the K value is 55 and what a what is the value of k k is called as the angular page number and that represent to pi camera show the value is 55 and that is equal to 25 so let's find out the wavelength that is equal to 2 by 5 which is 2.4 M we can also write a 40 cm and what is the length length of the string is given by of wavelength so that would be 80cm so this is what our customers in the problem so the length of this

the length of the string will be 80cm with answers Act 2


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