A straight solenoid has 50 turns per cm in primary and total 200 turns in the secondary. The area of cross section of the solenoids is `4cm^2`. Calculate the mutual inductance. Primary is tightly kept in side the secondary.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
The magnetic field at any point inside the straight solenoid of primary with `n_(1)` turns per unit length carrying a current `i_(1)` is given by the relation, <br> `B=mu_(0)n_(1)i_(1)` <br> The magnetic flux through the secondary of `N_(2)` turns each of area S is given as <br> `N_(2)phi_(2)=N_(2)(BS)=mu_(0)n_(1)N_(2)i_(1)S` <br> `therefore" "M=(N_(2)phi_(2))/(i_(1))=mu_(0)n_(1)N_(2)S` <br> Substituting the values, <br> `M=(4pixx10^(-7))((50)/(10^(-2)))(200)(4xx10^(-4))` <br> `=5xx10^(-4)H`


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hello everyone a straight solenoid has 50% in primary and 200 turns in secondary the area of cross section of the solenoid is given the mutual inductance you have to calculate interest and that primary is kept inside the second be so if you see we know that inside a solenoid the magnetic field is equals to Mu not number of turn into the current inside the solenoid magnetic field and if you calculate the flux so it will be simply magnetic field times of area b into a to b is this into area now we want the mutual inductance so I will write the mutual inductance time current

in the first coil is equals to plus it has calculated and the number of the secondary into this rate this will be the mutual inductance current and S is the flux can see the mutual inductance this event will get cancer doubt it will be equal to the number of Turn in the first coil number of turns in the second volume you're not into area to get the mutual inductance so it is 45 into 10 to the power minus 7 number of turn if I talk about the number of turn are 50 and 100

so I will write also 50% it is given super M it will be 5010 in the second qualities 200 area of cross section if you see it is 4 cm square so I will write this after calculation if you see this will be 44 so into this so you will get equals to 5 into 10 to the power minus 4 Hindi if you see 16.5 is 50 point something so you can get it - 4 final and this will be the answer of this question simple thank you

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