A stone is projected horizontally with a velocity `9.8 ms ^(-1)` from a tower of height 100 m. Its velocity one second after projection is `(g = 9.8 ms ^(-2)).`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

`9.8 ms ^(-1)``4.9 ms ^(-1)``9.8 sqrt2 ms ^(-1)``4.9sqrt2 ms ^(-1)`

Answer :


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we have question is that is to is projected horizontally with a velocity 9.8 metre per second from a tower of height that is 131 s g this is our distance of his hundred distance 108 Hindi projectile is ok after the download movie according to project and

one is horizontal and 14 so this is this ok so we find out after the one second after 1 second velocity one second after rejection so we consider why vertical component V why is zero Plus GP because initial velocity is you that is ji is 9.8 and timing is one we got the Weaver component is 9 point so we write down the we found that is 9.8 ICAP + 9.3 ji cap ok we find out the latitude of the week that is equals to dis

9.2 question 9.8 under root 2 m s inverse ok so answer of this question is third is corrected and thank you for the

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