A steam at 100C is passed into 1kg of water contained in a calorimeter of water equivalent 0.2kg at 9C till the temperature of the calorimeter and water in it is increased to 90C. Find the mass of steam condensed in kg(Sw=1cal/gC,&Lsteam=540cal/g).


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hello everyone latest all this question the questions is steam at hundred degree celsius is passed into water of 1kg contained in a kilometre of water equivalent 0.2 kg at 9 degree celsius in the temperature of calorimeter and water is increased to 90 degree Celsius and we have to find the mass of steam condensed so in this question we have given that a steam let us say the mass of steam at hundred degree celsius is passed through water 1 kg of water which is at 9 degree Celsius and there is also a kilometre with water equivalent of 0.2 kg which is also at 9 degree celsius now and this system is converted into the water at 9 degree 90 degree
water so this process is hundred degree Celsius first convert into the hundred degree Celsius water and this hundred degree Celsius water will convert into 90 degree Celsius water this is the process of condensation and we have to find the amount of water condensed so for converting hundred degree Celsius to 90 degree Celsius we will use the concept of that the heat loss by this hundred degree Celsius steam will be equal to the heat gain by this water and the calorimeter system so let us all this question the heat gain by water plus
M this will be equal to Delta this is the mass of water + letters as MW + MC Delta both are the mass equal and so we will use the same specific heat now we can write MW + MC into S Delta T H M W is 1 kg and MC is 0.2 kg so 1.2 kg into S is given to be one cal per gram degree celsius temperature changes 90 degree minus 9 and since we are using this in CGS unit so the kg will be
convert into gram we will x 10 raise to power 3 so we can use this formula now let us find the heat loss by by him and this will be equal to the first steam is converted into water and then the water is converted into some different temperature so the condensation process will give the heat amount which will be equal to ML Vishesh the mass of steam and latent heat is given in the question which is why 40 plus m s Delta now we will write letters a common MS is 540
plus s Delta T value of ss1 and Delta T is 190 this will be equal to the heat gain by water and the calorimeter and this is this is to power 3 into 1.2 into 81 so this will be equal to 540 Plus and this will be equal to 1200 into 81ms will be equal to 1200 into 81 / 550 this will be equal to 170 6.7 G and we have to find the value in KG so MS will be equal to 0.176
we can write it as 0.18 kg so let us see the options given in the question of this is 0.18 kg open we will be the correct answer

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