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Thermal Conductivity


A steam at 100^@C is passed in...

A steam at `100^@C` is passed into 1 kg of water contained in a calorimeter of water equivalent 0.2 kg at `9^@C` till the temperature of the calorimeter and water in it is increased to `90^@C`. The mass of steam condensed in kg is nearly (specific heat of water =`1 cal//g^@C`,latent heat of vaporisation= 540 cal`//`g)


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution


Answer : B
Solution : At steady state condition of calorimeter, <br> Heat lost by steam + Heat lost by water = Heat gained by calorimeter <br> (i) Heat lost by steam ` = m_(s) xx L = m_(s) xx 540 cal//g` <br> (ii) Heat lost by water `= m_(w) xx S_(w) xx (T_(i) - T_(f))_(w)` <br> `= 1 xx1 xx (100 - 90) cal//g` <br> (iii) Heat gained by calorimeter `= (m_(w) + m_(s)) xx S_(c) xx (T_(f) - T_(i))_(c)` <br> `= (1000 + 200) xx 1 xx (90-9) cal//g` <br> `therefore` `(m_(s) xx 540) + 10 = 1200 xx 81 = 179.981 g (or) 0.179 kg`


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