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A stationary source of sound i...

A stationary source of sound is emitting sound of frequency `500Hz`. Two observers `A` and `B` lying on the same line as the source, observe frequencies `480Hz` and `530 Hz` respectively. The velocity of `A` and `B` respectively are (in `m//s`), speed of sound `=300m//s`.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A


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hello I started to observer time in the same line as the source of the frequency for 8 years and 530s respectively of A and B are in metre per second speed of sound is 309 ok so source is having a frequency I hundred ok let's write resource we can see us have as ok

a and A and B of same line is it that is having having or at least so if it ok for B 20 December frequency 5:30 ok if we see the frequency we can understand that is going away from the source and b is coming close it is source ok we can draw the line again and right hand stand for in the figure the opposite is source OK then

SBS going in this direction is going in this direction he is approaching source and moving in this direction and going away ok like this so relation for frequency of a server antivirus observer to the frequency of the source and this can be done is frequency were observed a equal to SP of 16 - 50 of observed that is a in this case

recipe of source frequency of source ok if the value is aur 8300 per second that is for sound - which which is said to be calculated / 302 500 ok 200 cancelled out so we can write this 1482 3/5 equal to 300 - BA if you solve this we can write

5 if we multiply 355 will get 480 ok so we can write be equal to 300 - 6 x 3 and this will be 288 it will be if it's all this will get well metre per second ok this is the best for BA now for writing for everything necessary for you to write the formula ki in that is frequency of b = - / vs into I can see off so ok so

AP substitute the values APS 530 vs 300 - year we see that A and B are moving in opposite direction Indian movie in opposite direction if we are taking the velocity in this Direction this action will be negative negative Prime just indicate that they are moving in opposite direction if we put -3 it is it is - / vs that is 302 500 frequency of the source 200 cancelled out

we can write this 1533 / 5 equal to 300 plus cancel out 5:30 Wi-Fi and it will be 106 we can write is 1 GB equal to 606 into 3 that is 18 - 300MB 18 metre per second if we found out equal to 12 metre per second and baby equal to 18 metre per second ok

if you see if the correct option is a 12 and 18 century correct answer is 12 and 18 thank you


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