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Class 12






Magnetic Field And Forces


A square current carrying loop...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `A to p; B to q,s; C to q,s; D to q,s`

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high percentage as a current carrying loop ABCD is place near Ina finitely long and other current carrying wire year now the two columns now we're going to Palam we can see the column first and second now first of all we have to draw the diagram of this is just one s y square lower right side of the current passing through this work if the current is passing in this Direction This direction and current in this law is the correct of we can see that net force on BC and T A so a is

is here CNT the first of all we can see that the magnetic field because this book with the right side of this was interested in What direction and outward direction decided it is the in what direction Now current is passing through this is current is passing so we can see the force that is why is interaction and 4 satisfy his interest erection and the force that is why is in which direction the receiver is in this direction and the force on the boy is in this direction now this matic field b is equal to as we know it this divided by 25 into it and

the distance from this where is considered this is the F1 and decide what to eat if it is same on the bi at everywhere on a bi at this address at this address latest concert distance and this is what the to distance from here to there and the magnetic field on AB and CD are the same everywhere so this we can see that matter field means force equal to as one of force is equal to is equal to I L and T share this ab 11 on City we can see F2 is equal to I can we can say that is less than two it means

even greater than this one is the greater than if we consider this a phone is the internet to bnc forces in this direction if you consider but what will happen medical degrees from B to a distance increases from B to C somatic degrees from B to C and C A today also will decrease from electrolyte if you consider a small section for every small section of the same for every small 6mm medical in the same force in this direction and the force on this is a small section is in this Direction sophos this app we can consider F3 this week and positive 3 is equal

EPFO net force on BC and AD is what is zero but net force on a b and c is not equal to zero because this as one is greater than the now coming to that of it is given that net force on b c and d a w 0 9 0 and write what letter to BC and CD PC and 1803 same but if you consider for every small sections of this small section and SS Mall section 10 net force is zero in Cancer that 3 is equal to 40 we can see that for a week and match with p net force on AB and CD ab

is not equal to zero for this is non-zero and also be considered this app one is greater than Apple for net force on the left what direction for TV can match with non-zero and the left water is so cute and as you and now Part net force on the complete Lo ABCD net force on the complete loop in C Patil net force on the complete net we can write this is equal to 1 minus F2 because both were in the opposite direction and is greater than F2 so we can say this is equal to me I'm not ib1

and minus IL&FS net force and so we can see that for this we can write non-zero and the left Safari speak and write for us now party net force on AB net force on AB we can see this is a non zero and the left what so order also receive you and yes this is the right answer for Disco answer questions

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