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Class 11






Rotational Mechanics


A sphere starts rolling down c...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A
Solution : A sphere is rolling in an inclined plane with incliN/Ation `theta` therfore according to the principle <br>` _gt mglsintheta=1/2Iomega^2+1/2mmv^2` <br> `rarr 1/2xx2/5mv^2+1/2mv^2=7/10` <br> `rarr gl sintheta=7/10v^2` <br> `rarr v=sqrt((10/7 glsintheta))`

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hello everyone a spare start rolling down an inclined plane of inclination theta find the speed of its Centre where it has covered a distance l sirf ucla suppose this is the incline play and inclination of this in incline plane is given here is theta so a square is started from some height and it traveled and distance along the incline this is given a distance along the incline then you can calculate this height through with it came down that will be l sin theta so when it this sin theta down but then you ought to find out the speed of its centre and it is also said that it is rolling down right so

since the sphere is rolling down right then the point of contact will have the same velocity as that of this point on incline that this point is a this point is B then the two points will have the same velocity and acceleration so let's suppose this is the sphere and the sphere is having at any instant V velocity down the plane and because of the rotation it have Omega angular velocity in this direction and this point of contact a have the same velocity as that of any point on incline plane bi vi - Omega is equals to velocity of point it should be velocity of point B = 2.0 I will write v

- Omega Rs = 20 from here you will get week was to omega are very simple now it will came down by l sin theta the work energy theorem and only force which will do work here is gravitational force in station force if you see this point of contact is at rest it I don't have any velocity it is performing pure rolling so the point of contact don't have any velocity so I will right away laws like it is equals to change in kinetic energy that is translational + rotational kinetic energy - initial the initially it is started from rest initially it was zero work done by gravity will be - m g h and change in kinetic energy half MVC

plus half I omega square and since this is a sphere so I will be equal to 2 by 5 M R square raid so it is also given that we equals to omega and Omega kasthuribai right so you hear the Plus sign milk and since it came down what write to a square by 2 + F5 square omega square is V square by ask why so this will get cancelled out right ok so this will also get cancelled out so you will get GH is equals to V square by 2 + 2 b n b square that is

7 b n v square now the earth is equal to a sin theta rate so I will write 10 by 7 g h s l sin theta is equals to V square so finally you will get the V that is a velocity of the centre of mass is equals to under root of sin theta very simple angles will be the answer simple thank you

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