A sphere of charges of radius R carries a positive charge whose volume charge density depends only on the distance r from the ball's centre as ρ=ρ0(1rR), whereρ0 is constant. Assume epsilon as theh permittivity of space.
The magnitude of the electric field as a functiion of the distance r outside the balll is given by


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Ravana speed of charge radius R very very with the distance from the centre as this was honoured is a constant Epsilon Not with permittivity of the space magnitude of the electric field is function of distance are outside the ball if you see Pizza point is outside the wall so I will write this is the cell and have this point is outside the cell like this so I want the electric field at that point in softwares medical courses office passing through this point are so from that I will get the electric field at a distance of our which is outside this point P
is outside right ke Kyon in close that is the total Q we want to the total charge enclosed here enclosed will be integral of the wedding is the charge on a set at a distance of our of thickness Dr draw at a distance of a shell of thickness t h state the volume of the sale will be aur Pi R Square Dr any 5 multiply the volume with charge per unit volume then I will get the charge on the cell that is DQ integrate it so I will write row into degrees Robi already can see it is thrown out into 1 minus 5 by 8
pro not into 1 minus are bhaiya integrated from 0 to capital and I will get glowing close to I will take for pyro not outside and I will get R square - 6 cube by are integral from zero to Pata Le integrated so I will get you enclosed is equals to 450 not so Integration of Square it will be argued by 3 and integral of this are you will be asked to the power 4 by 4 so I will be right here this now just put the value of
h y = 20 this value will be zero and if you put the value of r = 2 capital 8450 not into this will be our Q3 R2 the power 4 by 4 so I will get h this I will get cancelled out and let our cube by 12 sample so we got the charge in close just put this value of charge enclosed in this expression date cake Kyon enclosed by ask what will be the electric field so I will write the electric field is K2 in close that we got here by this is the distance right distance from the central so I will write 1 upon 4 Pi Epsilon naught R square into 45 Rona h q b to well this 45 will get cancelled out that and you can see you will get
row not RK by 4 yeh 12 Excel not ask what will be the answer of this question now you could match for the correct option so you could see already b is the correct option do not by 12 hour bhai excellent Aata square or not by 12 RK be ok thank you

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