A sphere has mass of (20±0.4)kg and radius of (10±0.1) m. Find the maximum percentage error in the measurement of density.


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hello everyone if you talk about this question this given question is has mass of 20 plus minus point 4 kg and radius of 10 plus minus point 1 metre we have to find the maximum percentage error in the measurement of density looking so we know the density is nothing but mass of a volume so volume of a sphere if I try to write the equation for percentage error then this will come out to be Delta Ru B Ru in 200 that will be equal to the Delta MBM Delta MBM in 200 + 3 x of delta rbr in 200 know why there is extra 3 here because arrest power 3 here and you also know that there is always at it ok now what is Dell time should
HRMS point 4 / mass which is 20kg in 200 this will be the percentage error in mass + 3 x of percentage error in radius which is point 110 in 208 will be equals to percentage error in density that means that 2 by 2 in 200 ok now if I tried to simplify this then this will come out to be let it is you will be cancel out with this hi to looking and this is 40 and 42 which is come out to be 2% + 3 x of Exodus cancel out with this and this will be 1% 18233 percent so this is nothing but Delta row by row in 200 which is percentage change in density and it comes out to be a point a 5% not 5.5 this is 5% this is the person maximum percentage error in density I hope you understood thank you

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