Updated on:26/04/2023

A sound wave travels at a speed of 339m/s. If its wavelength is 1.5cm, what is the frequency of the wave ? Will it be audible ?



hello friends we have this question a sound wave travels at a speed of 339 metre per second if its wavelength in 1.5 cm what is the frequency of the bill will it be audible to US so as we know which case to apply Lambda velocity equals to frequency into Lambda and Lambda is provided to us which provided to us away Lambda is 1.5 cm and 339 metre per second so now we will convert mm into m so our Lambda will be 1.5 100 M so now we will apply it we will put value for Wii and value for Lambda to find frequency sorry Veer 339 is close to frequency and to Lambda Lambda is 1.5 100 for frequency will be 339 in 201 1.5 this much so our frequency is coming out to be
200 sorry 22608 frequency is coming out to be 22600 heads or you can say 22.6 kilo head and as we know for human human ears are audible to hear sorry human can hear a frequency range of 20 to 20 khz this frequency is 22.6 Kilo so this pregnancy is from out of range of hearing a human ear so human ear can not hear it so that's why it is not audible thank you


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