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A solid sphere of radius a and...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B

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hello everyone let's start a question question is that a solid sphere of radius R and mass M is surrounded by corecentric is kerakat wale of thickness to the gravitational field at the distance away from their centres ji mp3sog MI 5S and let's say this is a sphere and the radius R and mass M and let's take the spherical sale which has the radius to a and mass 2m and we have to far we have to find

delimitation field at a distance of 3A from their Centre ok so if you see for spherical or solid sphere stick this is a solid sphere then gravitational field from the centre of a sphere and a distance R will be ji bi R square near amazing mass of mass of a sphere and in case of spherical sale if we calculate send

additional played from the centre a distance R it will you also the same that is am are where am busy mass of Shell so in both the cases the formulas so we can write the gravitational field equal to this sum of both of the gravitational field due to mass M and mass 2m so we can write for spherical we can write GM by 3 is square and 4 shall we can write gl62m so well right to M divided by 3 square

now if it is common near GM taken as common divided by 9 square water bill left oneplus 2 so it will be 3G am by 9 square 33 can cancel the 93309 so aur answer g m bhai 3 square if we see the option if we see the oxen ji my3 is the correct option we can write correct answer is GM

bhai 3 a thank you

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