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A Solid sphere of density rho=...

A Solid sphere of density `rho=rho_0(1-r^2/R^2), 0 ltrleR` just floats in a liquid then density of liquid is– (r is distance from centre of sphere)

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`2/5 rho_0``5/2 rho_0``3/5 rho_0``rho_0s`

Answer : A
Solution : NA


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hello everyone a solid sphere of density rho is goes to know not -1 hour a square b square where R is very from 0 to Capital are just floats in a liquid that the density of the liquid is if a smaller is the radius from the centre of the sphere so let's suppose this is the sphere take at a distance of a small shelf supports this is the shell and thickness of the cell is dear so the volume of the shell so that will be biwi is equals to

4 Pi R Square into dear got the volume X which grow I will get the mass of the shell so the row given in the question is row not into 1 minus A square b square row not one minus A square b square in 24 hour square Dr pimple so if I take this constant outside I will get 4 by row not into a square minus 8 to the power 4 by a square into dear integration and in on the left side I will put the

Rs wearing from 0 to it is given in the question 8802 capital so if I write her limit and if I integrate here also I will get the total mass of the spare as owed by row not integration of this whole term will be argued by 3 minus 8 to the power 5 by 5 askar limit is very from 0 to Capital are so if I put the limit I will get 450 not into our cube minus hair if I put the value of capital this R square will get cancelled out and will will get so we got the mass the Mars

it will be 1 by 3 minus 1 by 5 so I will write 8 by 15 by this will be the mass of the sphere now we want the mass of the density of the sphere to be equal to the density of the liquid because the weight is being balance by the boy force so I will write her mg is equals to density of the liquid volume samast into so what is I have written here net 40 equation simple now now

I will write the density of the liquid is equal to mass divided by the volume of the liquid quality calculated the mass that is 8 by 15 not argue and the volume is 45 B three part of this archive and the site you will get cancelled out they will get cancelled by to now this 3 will also get cancelled out by 5 and you can see that the answer will be is equals to 2 row not by 5 simple for the liquid density should be equal to 2 by 5 the solid density

so you can see all the correct option and you can see the question also and the option correct this simple thank you


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