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A solid sphere having radius R...

A solid sphere having radius R and uniform charge density `rho` has a cavity of radius `R/2` as shown in figure.Find the value of `|E_A /E_B|` <br/><img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : C
Solution : NA


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Bhagwan of solid sphere having radius R and uniform charge density to has a cavity of RBI to as shown in the figure find the value of a bi a bi now you can see the diagram there is a cavity of radius R by 2 so we can say this is a row of radius R is charged present throughout the sphere and minus a smaller radius of rate smallest sphere of radius R by 2 of density rho you can also write it as plus minus I want electric field at

electric field and we know that in case of sphere electric field inside point is equals to robot bike 3 Epsilon Not let the radius of the sphere and for outside point outside the spare point it is equals to row or to the power 5 in division 3 not ask if R is greater than now if you want the electric field at you can see the electric field at a is this point you are you can see the bigger diagram also

so for the biggest fear this is at the centre and for the smallest fear it is at a distance of almond to rate so I was right for the biggest fear for the biggest fear and a due to smallest so you can see you already for the biggest fear it is at Sentosa I will write rope rs-0 by three Epsilon naught and for the smallest fair it is Adobe CEO office so I will write your - RO are by 2 by 2 is this you can see radius of the smallest in division 2 - row are bhaiya

what is the electric field at point about the electric field at point B so you can see again electric field at point B is on the surface of the biggest fear and at a distance of three abai to this distance is R by 2 + 3 by 2 from the small sphere so I will write electric field at point B is equals to electric field at be due to be caused due to smallest add so your biggest fear it is at a distance of I will write to draw chapter 9 by 3 is having a density of minus root

3 + root with radius of R and my Nazron with a radius of R B to so I will -3 Epsilon Not to you can see here in the formula in the reason it will be cleared by 2 cos square simple so if you take raw by 3 Epsilon Not common here by three here you will let 17/18 from this value the iBall so so if you divide and

divide the value of a and even now so I will write a bi a bi magnitude that equals to you can see you are not into half an individual no R B three Epsilon Not in 2-75-18 so after calculation you will get it by 34 as a answer now you can see you can see we got the answer for this question we want the electric field at our division electric field at B which we calculated is 1834 so the answer is is that is 18 by 34 if you will get

9 by 17 and this will your answer sample

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