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Nta Tpc Jee Main Test 62


A solid cylinder has diameter ...

A solid cylinder has diameter D and length L. Find its moment of inertia about an axis perpendicular to its length and passing through the centre of gravity.

Text Solution

`M[D^(2)/4 + L^(2)/12]``M[D^(2)/16 + L^(2)!2]``M[D^(2)/8 + L^(2)/12]``M[D^(2)/4 + L^(2)/6]`

Answer : B
Solution : <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/NTA_TPC_JEE_MN_TST_62_E03_014_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> Let us consider an element of the cylinder, which is a disc of thickness dx at a distance x from the center. Density of cylinder, `rho = ("Mass")/("Volume")` <br> `rArr rho = M/(pi(D/2)^(2)L)` <br> Mass of the element, `dm = rhodV` <br> `rArr dm = rho((piD^(2))/4 dx)` <br> `rArr dm = M/L dx` <br> Moment of inertia of a disc of mass m and radius r about an axis passing through its center and lying in its plane is `I_("Disc") = (mr^(2))/4`<br> Parallel axis theorem is given by: `I = I_(cm) + md^(2)`<br> Using these concepts we can say that moment of inertia of the given element of the cylinder about an axis passing through the center of the cylinder is: <br> `dI = ((dm)R^(2))/4 + (dm)x^(2)` <br> `rArr dI = ((dm)D^(2))/16 + (dm)x^(2)` <br> `rArr dI = (MD^(2))/(16L) dx + M/L x^(2) dx` <br> Moment of inertia of the cylinder is, `I = int I` <br> `rArr I = int_(x = - L/2)^(x = L/2) (MD^(2))/(16 L) dx + int_(x = -L/2)^(x = L/2) M/L x^(2) dx` <br> `rArr I = (MD^(2))/16 x |_(L/2)^(L/2) + M/(3L) x^(3) |_(-L/2)^(L/2)` <br> `rArr I = (MD^(2))/16 + (ML^(2))/12`


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