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A solid cube of side 'a' is sh...

A solid cube of side 'a' is shown in the figure. Find maximum value of `100 b/a` for which the block does not topple before sliding. <br/> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/JM_20_M2_20200107_PHY_23_Q01.png" width="80%">


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Answer : 50
Solution : NA


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Pawan you can see in the question of cube is of side length a find the maximum value of hundred in the question for which the blog does not topple before sliding takes place it if you see the diagram b is the distance of the line of action force from the centre rate if you see here this distance is from the centre bi take so we want to maximize the value of B so that to the sea the 2D diagram of this so this is the Kyon and let suppose hear the force is acting so what will happen if the friction force will act in opposite direction

if you see the centre hear about the centre of this system is having a torque in clockwise direction to so to avoid to compulsory that talk normal reaction will shift from Centre to this distance may suppose it instances access to this will happen to make the network about the centre of mass is zero the normal reaction will save from the sent to this site so what will happen about which point to the the block will have a tendency to toples about this point there the block will have a tendency to topper so now we want we want this B2B maximum this P rate so when the baby will be maximum the normal reaction

will completely Swift at is called like him and the course will be acting here and this whole distance will be a by 2 + b since the from the centre this distance was 20 I will write a by 2 + b and had the friction forces analysis the centre where the weight mg is acting down what if I take a point and make the talk about the point zero then the block want opposite is there won't be any talk about the great so please make the net talk about point O is equals to zero so I will write because of the force you can see if a by 2 + b

the line of action of force and this is the distance of the point from the line of action of cost and so if I take the normal reaction for normal reaction is acting in anticlockwise direction so I will write a negative sign here and with a so if you see this distance is a line of action of normal reaction is at a distance of any five see the MG mg is at a distance of a b to so it will be = 20 it if you see in the question Mu is also given but we already have taken the talk about the line of action of the friction is passing through ho so we won't take any talk about the fractions is the talk of the patient about point O is zero where is simple now just put the

values if you see in vertical direction the net force is zero so I will write an is equals to empty and if I talk about talk about the four straight so f force should not be greater than the friction force since we want the block not to topple before it slide so when the this the block wants light then this force will be close to you mg and in the question is given as point 14.4 it so in horizontal direction is the net force is zero Sonet to leftward process should be equal to net right word for swipe Elite point 4 MG very simple now just put the value of this normal reaction and force in this equation

the values now only that is 2.4 MG into minus b into a plus MG able to is equals to zero knowledge cancel out this and gmgm ji so you will get your site will be point or so it will be required to A plus 4.4 be so a b minus A + 1 by 2 minus 1 by 2 that is 4.5 a is equals to zero So Ja So if we will solve this you will get point 4 b is equals to 4.5 - 2 = 2.3 so you will get the bi bi a maximum ratio as 354

75 rate but if you see in the diagram be can't be more than two years after by to the block will stop I will write 20 should be less than equal to able to read and this value we got is point 750 minimum value of P can be be be if it is free so do we calculated to be a maximum value point 75 but it is not possible so we write a review by a maximum value as this put the value of of in this expression and you will get the value of this hundred by a is equals to 50 and this will be your answer thank you

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