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A solenoid has fixed N number ...

A solenoid has fixed N number of turns and fixed radius `a` its length is given by `l` which can be varied its self-inductance is proportional to


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B


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hello everyone let's Tata question question is that a solenoid has fixed handle fixed turn and fixed radius is given by L which can be varied it self inductance is proportional to 1 by air square one square row if you see the self induction for map of self inductance is equal to in why is a flux / ok so to calculate by the class we need to find out the magnetic field and area and if you talk about Android

current and the length ok radius is radius is ok so what are the magnetic field sophos element x is equal to me not and I help and can be done a number of plants / length if you put this it will be here now and / l into my ok so now calculating flux reception the value loves equal to b into a and b l bi l into I

into area that is a square so now we can set the value of Y to get the self inductance l so if is equal to 5 by I receive so if you Sachin the value and into into into I Pi Pi selfie /

cancelled out OK so the final will be new not and square square if we compare that how the l can vary so we see that immune and constant ok and and and and radius only country that can change the inductance receive the relation here is directly in indirectly person to L ok if we see the option are correct answer is

1 bi l can write correct answer 1 by l thank you