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A smooth sphere of mass M moving with velocity u directly collides elastically with another sphere of mass m at rest. After collision their final velocities are V and v respectively. The value of v is


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The correct Answer is C


the given question has a smooth sphere of mass capital M moving with velocities small you directly collides elastically with another feature of mass M at rest after collision and their final velocity is our capital b and small B respectively and we have to find the value of small v and these are the given options we have ke now we know that for an elastically coronavirus in collision the momentum the momentum and the kinetic energy of the particle swimming remains conserved ok before and after collision so initially we had a mass of capital and which was moving with velocity U and after collision ok and small mass with velocity is zero and after collision we got the velocities of the capital and particle b capital
capital v and for small particle it was small we did this clearly we have their capital via for the capital now first of all we can apply the law of conservation of momentum here so by which we can get the initial Momentum was I'm Into You + monomer in 2010 this Machhali Ko Chhu m into V + m into b.k. from here I can write the value of capital we will be given as if I'm Into You minus A into B / capital M ok let this be question number 1 next we have we can apply the law of conservation of kinetic energy so that will give us the initial energy was half into mm to square A + 0 as the particle of mass M at rest
Pashu half into m v square + 1 into 10 m v square ok now we can write festival we can cancel out the term 1 by 2 then we can put the value of capital V ok bye equation 1 so we will get a square are equal to M into you will get be value if I go there I will get MDU - MB / capital m square + m v square so here we will get emui square request you will get in the numerator MDU - m b whole square whole divided by 3 it will become a dentist Amman temple cancel out and we will be left with only 10 MB square now we can take the LCM we will get here and Square
square is equal to M opening the square item so we make it a you square + a square B square minus 2 m m u b + m b square ok so into capital am also suggest we can cancel out further we can cancel out the small m term and we will be left with zero is equal to M V square - 2 capital M you into v s m b square ok to from hair we can cancel out the velocity term also won and we will be left with to am into you request you and we minus plus MV so from here
write the velocity we will be caused you to M U / M + capital and this is the answer here now from the given options ok so she we have to make some alteration according to the options so we can take care 2m X into you we can take capital am coming from the denominator and will be oneplus capital M from here we cannot M&M will find the value of V equal to how much to you divide slash oneplus call him over capital this is the final answer and from the given options we have a b c and d option 30 tarik transfer thank you


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