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Class 11






Circular Motion


A smooth circular tube of radi...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A
Solution : Minimum velocity of particle at the lowest position to comlete the circle should be `sqrt(4gR)` inside a tube. <br> So, `u=sqrt(4gR)` <br> `h=R(1-costheta)` <br> :. `v^(2)=4gR-2gR(1-costheta)` ltBRgt `=2gR(1+costheta)` <br> or `v^(2)=2gR(2cos^(2)(theta)/(2))` <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> or `v=2sqrt(gR)cos(theta)/(2)` <br> From `ds=v.dt` <br> We get `Rdtheta=2sqrt(gR)cos(theta)/(2).dt` <br> or `int_(0)^(t)dt=(1)/(2)sqrt((R)/(g)int_(0)^(pi//2)sec((theta)/(2))dtheta` <br> or `t=sqrt((R)/(g))[In(sec(theta)/(2)+tan(theta)/(2))]_(0)^(pi//2)` <br> or `t=sqrt((R)/(g))In(1+sqrt(2))` Hence proved.

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everyone explain question 2nd particle diameter upon X + so this is all we need to find the value of energy gate off m v square should be equal

Vinod Vinod should be equal to M G M C H I just want this is the expression we are getting for we not square velocity with which particle is projected what is happening is that at any point of time right place at any place at all it has moved by angle to the distance it will have travel will be read this this is the Earth

and velocity net velocity is the time it takes to travel that is a distance equal to BD time time taken to travel RDC is it then we will have h Di Pita should be equal to X play some 4 movie download download ok so

we have or apply fee will apply line energy conservation and final velocity V not square minus b square equal to change Ok so this will be our this link will be r r r r r ok this will be the value from our getting value

MGR MGR on the difference of cos theta is equal to n square velocity this and will get cancelled will get to minus 1 + cos should be equal to square upon 2 is equal to 1 + cos theta 1 + cos theta into cos square theta upon 2 is equal to

Vinod expression is equal to ji are multiplied by 2 cos square theta upon two ways to getting visa equal to 2 x 2 x 2 Z Force 2 cos theta upon 2 X 200 velocity and se 8 D3 is equal to 2

Jiya aur Pita upon 2 x cos theta on the left hand side so will get a positive integer n with x is equal to this command error message on DP now we need to integrate both sides so will get this is take it on to X 2.2 x 100 GR Olympic asking

time taken to reach the end of the Original Sin 2 theta will be 0 to 90 degree and we know the integration of sec if we are getting a quota + 10 theta 0290 is equal to root under jio phone X we are getting report the value of sec 90 + 1 upon sin Infinity that is this is theta upon to write I made a mistake

Sohan theatre 9745 root 2 + 1 - 600000 what is the value of 601 upon cos 1 sexy heroine 4011 + 1000 1000 1000 lights with gifts under ji upon our X from here we are getting value of t is equal to

root under a point x this will be Allen Allen one Value of root 2 ok this was excellent and I guess this is also the explanation understood

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