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Class 12






Laws Of Motion


A smooth block is released at ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

`mu_(k) = 1- ( 1)/( n^(2))``mu_(k) = sqrt( 1 - ( 1)/ ( n^(2)))``mu_(s) = 1- ( 1)/( n^(2))``mu_(s) = sqrt( 1 - ( 1)/ ( n^(2)))`

Answer : A

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the person is given a smooth block is released at rest on a 45 degree incline and then slide a distance Dev to the time taken to slide is the entire Azmat to slide on a smooth incline the coefficient of friction is we have to find the coefficient friction now here and there is a 45 degree and have this mass is the most block Hare Hare Hare no at a distance of this distance is the day now here it's a given for both time and end Time This Is the End time for a rug

colour blouse ki kis 0 this is the component this is a direction now here component MG sin theta and this is the MG cost vitamin that in the end we have to only this direction component for hair in that case is more than that of company under the bonnet is the acceleration we can write here this is the evil is equal to sin theta now similarly in for a rough sketch of 45 degree so here this component is this is a MG scientist of this component MG sin theta and hair fixing forces on

side view and this is the new and and equal to cos theta minus cos theta and Cos theta is there and we can write acceleration 82 is equal to sin theta minus music cos theta equal equal to the distance right of a Vantage care to get a distance of 82 and time 30 care for the smooth and here we can calculate a decision to have cancer and T is cancelled 20 and

a 1 is equal to 2 and care so here we were upon it is equal to calculate A1 and A2 value this is the given value under this is the a to know your we can put a 1 is equal to cos 45 degree and Square sin 45 music cos 45 degree is equal to under root 2 and this is a n square this is a g under root 2 minus music under root 2 and root 2 to cancer charity is equal to 1 by n square is equal to 1 minus new

and help new is equal to 1 minus 1 by n square to this is the solution can check the option which one is the right the that means the office and fix and their third of this is this question write thank you

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