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Class 12






Rotational Motion


A small sphere rolls down with...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B
Solution : Applying law of conservation of mechanical energy at point M and point N `DeltaK + DeltaU =0` <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> Increases in KE = Decreases in PE <br> `(1/2 mv^(2) + 1/2 Iomega^(2) -0) = (mg(2A)-mg(L))` <br> Since, the sphere is of rolling without slipping <br> `u=romega` hence, `omega = u/r` <br> Where r is the radius of the sphere <br> Also, `I = 2/5 mr^(2) , therefore 1/2mv^(2) +1/2 xx 2/5 mr^(2) xx v^(2)/r^(2) =mg(2A) -mg(l)` <br> `rArr v=4.43 m//s` <br> After point N, the sphere takes a parabolic path. Considering the motion of sphere in vertical direction. <br> `u_(y) =0, s_(y) =1m, a_(y)=9.8 m//s^(2)` <br> Using `s_(Y) = u_(y)t +1/2a_(y)t^(2), 1=4.9 t^(2) rArr t=1/sqrt(4.9) = 0.45` sec. <br> In horizontal direction, the velocity of sphere remains constant, <br. Hence, `=v xx t = 4.43 xx 0.45 = 2m`.

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Halloween question and the questions a small sphere rolls down without slipping from the top of the track in a vertical plane the track has an elevated section and horizontal part the horizontal part is 1 metre above the ground level and the top of the track is 2.4 m above the ground find the distance on the ground with respect to point B with the sphere in the energy conservation we can apply conservation of energy right that is potential is kinetic over here would be equal to potential plus Kinetic over here its potential energy at this position will be MG in 22.4 is the height plus the kinetic energy is zero that would be equal to the potential energy here so that is energy into 1 + half m v square + ha Phi omega square right we can write omega square so for this year is this would

this goes that sites that would become energy into 1.4 that would be equal to half n v square right + share this is to Wi-Fi M R square into V square b square right so what we can say this week vol 27 by 10 m square that is equal to MG into 14 by 10 right so so when we calculate from here we would be able to 4.43 approximately metre per second me turns out to be this Eminem get cancelled and G is 9.8 metre per second square right so this is what velocity turns out to be at this point so since it has velocity rights

does a projectile motion and it reaches somewhere on the right so since this is the velocity along at this point that the body is following a parabolic path right projectile motion it is doing a projectile motion so since this is the velocities it would be like this the velocity will be in extraction only right so you along why would be equal to zero but the distance along Y direction is 1 m and acceleration along why is ji that is 9.8 metre per second square rights how much time will it take to reach the ground Ti bi is what write se using equation

motion hair again right what we can say is SY to be equal to you why it plus half a white square y square so from here since this is 1 = this is zero so half into a voice that is 9.8 into TY square y square is equal to 2 / 9.8 right so from here TV turns out to be root over of 1 by 4.9 s this turns out to be approximately equal to 0.5 S right so since this turns out to be equal to this value that means it takes 0.45 S right along X direction we have velocity 4.43 metre per second and the time taken around x-direction would also be the same that is time of flights that is 0.45

right so that for distance travelled distance should be equal to speed into time so that would be equal to acceleration is zero light using week was to you plus not me but as equal to UT plus half a t square the same equation for its acceleration is zero then this is zero the distance between equal to X into DX right so that would be equal to you access 4.43 into 0.45 right from here this value turns out to be equal to 2 m right Sar answer would be option B to M thank you

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