A small electric dipole is placed at origin with its dipole moment directed along positive x-axis .The direction of electric field at point (2,22,0)


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electric dipole is placed at origin which is dipole moment directed along positive x axis is the dimension of electric field at point 220 is so the dipole is placed at origin with dipole moment along + x axis with any two electric field at point P is co-ordinate is given to 20 so this is our position we can say the dipole moment and position vector B and angle of theta with excess so this theta here can be written as this is true to this is to help we can say and theta can be written as perpendicular / days which is equal to
VLCC tan theta comes as root to know the electric field at this point will have to component when is the radial and other is the tangential component this is the initial components and their resultant we can say that comes here let this is the electric field we need to find this next electric fields is a long what direction this makes an angle of Alpha so we can say these two lines are so as to be used in B Ed result electric field and Alpha is given to be letsintern of theta by 2 vetan ki tabiyat calculated as to where alpha come to be one upon root under 2
if you find out the angle alpha + theta 25 weather alpha + theta makeup so we can see here as we know that set timer for 10 theta then find the value of x + theta trigonometry sin alpha + theta is given at alpha + tan theta by 1 minus 2 find the value of tan Alpha is root 2 value of tan theta we have let se water pond root 2 divided by in the denominator this becomes as that set timer for 2 into 1 minus 2 is to 1 minus 4 this becomes infinite Panel for let se pita is infinite means alpha + theta is equal to 90 degree so we can say this alpha + theta where the net electric field is
pendicular to disclose interlining snake electric field is along the axis of rotation of a cube is the correct answer to do is our answer

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