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Jee Mains 2020


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<img src="" width="80%"> <br> A small back starts slipping down from a point B on an inclined plane AB, which is making an angle `theta` with the remaining section CA is rough with a coefficient of friction `mu`. It is found that bottom (point A) of the inclined plane. If `BC = 2AC,` the coefficient of friction is given by `mu = K "tan" theta` <br> The value of K is ________.

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English question given a block of mass M starts from the top of the incline plane at B and comes to rest Bandra to the lowest point at 8 incline plane ABC is equal to 2 and efficient AC is new is equal to K tan theta then what is the value of k question given this is the this is the length L and 2L this question given BC is equal to 2 x is equal to 1 then this is 12 and this is the l l l b l sin theta wisdom block having the mass and we have to find the value of the new and used equal to create and theatre and we have to find the value of k in firstly we have to find the new applying work energy theorem work energy

is equal to work done equal to change in Kinetic movie kinetic energy and work energy theorem between wine and B block block start living an initial speed u is equal to zero at that point when blocked from a point a 150 in change in kinetic energy is equal to zero and work done done due to weight OK then mg work done due to MG + work done due to

work done due to normal form of a + b is equal to work done is equal to the total displacement due to MG and 1 ton is equal to force and force is MG with into and displacement is total displacement from B to a equal to the only equal to Peter and angle between f and is angle between f and 90 degree ok

angle between force case taking MD download and also length is real time status download then into cos 0 degree + work done by the force is equal to work done by the frictional force f is equal to 2 into normal is acting how to plane and weight is like MG in angle theta then MG cos theta equal to MC then frictional force can be written as new into MG into work done by the frictional force can be written as new what

is force is new MG cos theta and displacement on special forces acting on any 20 length of a circuit is can multiply with L in two angle theta equal forces block movie which direction is 180 degree in 180 degree collage work done by the normal person normal force is acting with in this direction and displacement is in this direction then angle between this is OK then cos 90 is equal to zero work done by a force is equal to zero is equal to zero find equation is MG 3 mg call

to 1 + 2 MG cos theta into n L into cos 180 degree and this is equal to minus 1 is equal to zero then 3 and this is OK then m&ms cancel gng is cancel l l and cancel then you is equal to b l ok of Music and in this question given you is equal to 2 is equal to 3 a tan theta ok comparing these we can say ke is equal to this is the right answer

ke is equal to thank you

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