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Aiims 2002


A siren emitting sound of freq...

A siren emitting sound of frequency `800 Hz ` is going away from a static listener with a speed of 30 m/s. Frequency of the sound to be heard by the listener is ( Take velocity of sound as 300 m/s )

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

733.3 Hz 481.2 Hz 644.8 Hz 586. Hz

Answer : A
Solution : Frequency of siren ` (u)=800 Hz ` <br> Speed of siren ` (v_(s))=v-v_(o)=30 m//s ` <br> Velocity of listener ` (v_(o))=0` and velocity of sound (v)=330 m/s . <br> From the Doppler's law , frequency heard from siren when it is going away from a listener is ` =((v-v_(o))/(v+v_(s)))xxv=((330+0)/(330+30))xx 800=733.3`Hz .


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welcome without making this question given a science amazing sound of the frequency 800 Hz is going away from the static listener with a speed of 10 metre per second frequency of the sound to be heard by the listener is and take velocity of the sound and the hundred metre per second ke Jivan condition is the side and a meeting a sound frequency 800 hard the latter consider this is the Body Meeting of sound having the frequency is 800 hard and going away from the source and this is velocity is 80 metre per second ok and this is a source this is a listener observed ok and this is this is in the start that means the value of you is equal to zero and the given frequency of the sound f is equal to

f is equal to 800 Hz ok that due to the effect the listener observe the frequency and this is differ from the emitting frequency OK then observed frequency f and b is equal to f into velocity of sound letter considered this is the velocity of sound that means vs upon velocity of the siren ok and this is equal to b b s ok and when we put the value of frequency this is equal to 800 into 10 is equal to 301 302 vs is equal to b is equal to OK when we solve when we get 802 308 308

this is the frequency in terms of hard which is absorbed by the static listener ok this is the value of f and when we solve then we get zero and this is equal to finally at the value of f dash and this is equal to 733.3 ok this is the frequency with observed by the listener ok the value is 733.3 less than the imaging frequency ok and when you see the question then option 133.3 option a option is the right answer of this question thank you

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