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Jee Mains


A simple pendulum undergoes 20...

A simple pendulum undergoes `20` oscillation's in `30` seconds. What is the percentage error in the value of acceleration due to gravity provided length of pendulum is `55cm`, least count of rmeasurement of time and length are `1 s` and `1mm` respectively

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : B


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hello everyone starter question question is that a simple pendulum undergoes 20 oscillations in 30 seconds what is the percentage error in the value of acceleration mobile length of Pendulum is 55 CM count of measurement of time and length are one second hand 1 mm respectively so here when to find out the percentage error so percentage for grade percentage 2500 OK I will be so you know that the form

Z Square and Square so if you write in this form desi / equal to it will be Dell / l.p. + 2 didn't think that we can write this one so you you remember that can write for any fresh n y equal to a to the power MP3 by write in this form Dale Wi-Fi we can write well Defined by a + b r a b will be

c h c and l c / now succeed in the value didn't l is given as one so the unit of equal to 0.1 and the URL is 55cm + 22 gallery that is one S / at 30 second so if you solve this will get

if you take LCM of these two will get 165 and ear 0.3 and this will be 11 13 / 165 find out the percentage if so can do consecutive value delsey percentage equal to be divided into two hundred and we substitute the value in 11.3 / 165 episode will get 6.8

so if you see the options the correct option 6.6 so we can write correct answer is 6.8 % thank you


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