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Class 11






Sample Question Paper 5


A simple harmonic oscillation ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : The given equation of SHM, <br> `y=5sin (100pit+0.8)` <br> comparing it with general equation of SHM, <br> `y=a sin (wt+phi)` <br> amplitude `a=5` m, angular frequency, `w=100 pi" rad/s"` <br> frequency, `n=(omega)/(2pi)=(100pi)/(2pi)=50" s"^(-1)" or "50" Hz"`.<br> Time period, `T=(1)/(n)=(1)/(50)=0.02s` <br> Initial phase `=0.8` rad

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simple harmonic oscillation is represented by the equation Y equal to 5 700 party plus point when vi n t r n m and S respective write down is amplitude angular frequency frequency time period and initial phase given that equation of SHM is 5 sin 180 + 0.8 general equation of SHM is white ball to a Sin Omega T + 5 comparing the given equation with the general equation of SHM

first we have to find out amplitude amplitude is your weekend se amplitude is 5 M S angular frequency angular frequency is denoted by Omega and Omega is given 105 Radian per second and third we have to find out frequency we know that angular frequency Omega is equal to 25 so here we can write if equal to omega bhai to bhai

f is equal to omega bhai to 505 150 and import time period time period formula is 1 by a 1550 is equal to 0.02 second and fifth we have to find initial fish and initial phase is denoted by 5 and 5S given 0.8 answers

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