A short bar magnet placed with its axis at 30 with an external field of 800 G experiences a torque of 0.016 Nm.
What is the magnetic moment of the magnet ?


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hello students today our question is a short bar magnet placed with its Axis at 30 degree with an external field of 800s experience a torque of 0.016 Newton metre and what is the magnetic moment of the magnetic so we have to find the magnetic moment a so the solution of this question is we know that talk that is denoted by Tau is equals to so we can write this as this is our work and this is equals to cross product of magnetic moment and magnetic field that is we hear so from this we get talk is equal to our stock is equal to M B sin theta magnetic moment into B is the
magnetic moment 20 magnetic field and theta is given to us 30 degree so we have the torque value is 0.016 so we know that sin 30 cos sin theta sin 30 and this is one by two so from this if you put the value at ok is 0.016 and this is equals to magnetic moment that we have to calculate and magnetic field is given to us 808 will convert into the course it is given to us in the ghost and if we convert into the tesla so this is 10 power minus 4 Tesla and we have the sin 30 is 1 by 2 so from this we can write a and H magnetic moment is equals to 0.016 and this is cancel out at 400 and magnetic moment is 0.016
Anderson 400 into 10 power minus 4 from this we get magnetic moment is on solving this we have the magnetic moment is 16 and this is multiplied by a few multiplied so this is not 160 years is this is 16 and this is divided by 406 10 power minus 4 and this is 10 power 3 so from this this base share so this is minus 7 and + this is -1 and this applies to this is 4 Som from this we get this is 40 and this is equal to zero point 40 ampere per metre square so this is the answer this is 400 a year and this is a
per metre square to this is our magnetic moment now we check which option is correct so this is our magnetic moment and this is our answer for this question thank you

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