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Magnetism And Matter


A short bar magnet placed with...

A short bar magnet placed with its axis at `30^(@)` with an external field of 800 G experiences a torque of 0.016 Nm. <br> What is the work done in moving it from its most stable to most unstable position ?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : From `E_(q).U_(m) = -m`. B, the most stable position is `theta = 0^(@)` and the most unstable position is `q = 180^(@)`. Work done is given by <br> `W = U_(m) (theta = 180^(@)) - U_(m) (theta = 0^(@))` <br> `=2 m B = 2 xx 0.40 xx 800 xx 10^(-4) = 0.064 J`


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