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A screw gauge gives the follow...

A screw gauge gives the following reading when used to measure the diameter of a wire. <br> Main scale reading : `0` mm <br> Circular scale reading : `52` divisions <br> Given that `1` mm on main scale corresponds to `100` divisions of the circular scale. <br> The diameter of wire from the above data is :


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`0.052` cm`0.026` cm`0.005` cm`0.52` cm

Answer : A
Solution : Screw pitch `=1mm` <br> `:.` least count `=(1)/(100)mm=0.01mm=0.001cm` <br> `:.` Diameter of the wire is `52xx0.001cm=0.052cm` <br> So, the correct choice is `(a)`.


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