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A sample containing same numbe...

A sample containing same number of two nuclel `A` and `B` start decaying. The decay constant of `A` and `B` are `10lambda` and `lambda`. The time after which `(N_(A))/(N_(B))` becomes `(1)/(e)` is

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A


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hello everyone let's start the question question say that a simple continuous same number of Two nuclei and B start digging digging constant of A and B are tender and time after which any by any be becomes 1 by is so4 any the ke sample ke din amount number will be the product of a number is equal to Venezia number actually the product will be delivered to the initial number or amount ok battery and equal to a nod to the power minus A decaying decay constant and TS time ok so

if you write for in if you write for any it will be and not because I know what is the initial amount then we keep our -10 them into t and B if you're right it will be a and b equal to and not both both are having the same initial so what is it a power Lambda because we can concentrate on studies Lambda for this question is given that any by MB should be equal to 1 by a list that must divide the

bhai m b b l l to and not to the power 10 Lambda and not the power minus letter P and not a not water cancel out so we can write it is -10 Lambda and / is the power minus Lambda now bhai ok so the case is given a time when in C by NB should be won by ok so we can write 1 by 3 equal to the power minus

camera / 10 power minus Lambda so if you're right it -1 will be it to the power minus 10 laboratory + Lambda if all this if you compare both the site that this quantity and this country must be equal on comparing on comparing both sides and write minus 1 equal to minus 10 plus it will be -9 Lambda and -1 near -1 and

mis and minus more that cancelled out so we can write equal to 1 by 9 Lambda species are options in 1998 this is a correct answer I can write correct answer is 1 by 9 thank you

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