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A rod of mass 4m and length L ...

A rod of mass 4m and length L is hinged at the mid point. A ball of mass 'm' moving with speed V in the plane of rod, strikes at the end at an angle of `45^@` and sticks to it. The angular velocity of system after collision is-

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A
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a rod of mass 4m and length L is hinged at the midpoint A ball of mass M moving with velocity V in the Plane of the rod at the end at an angle 45 degree and stick to it and it is given that the ball strikes at the end at an angle 45 degree with the diagram first-principles this is the rod and the length of the rod is given here is an is the length and at an angle 45 degree a ball strikes and the velocity of the ball is v and the mass of the ball is an mass of this road is Forum very simple now when the ball will star as you can see it will

the somewhat like this and the whole system after taking will rotate with angular velocity if you see here there is if I take this bol this bol Android and the system then there won't be any contest so I will write the initial momentum of the 2 is equals to final momentum of the two-day initial Momentum you can see what was stationary butterball was moving at an angle of 45 degree angle is 45 degree this was by root 2 and this was M bi bi S to so

if I take are perpendicular into our to this perpendicular into our site will be angry by root 2 X and Y if you see this distance is ulwe to a particular component of the linear momentum is it and component not provide any final moment I'm so the whole system is rotating rate so if I talked about the rod rod is having a moment I'm right of moment of inertia is a square by 12 so mass is 4A so this will be the moment of inertia of the road and the moment of inertia of this bol since it is at a distance of Alwar to so I will write to go to all this will be I now

so now we just solve this equation and will get the Omega we can cancel out this was an App so this 4 will get cancel out by 3 rate so you will get you are so you can also cancel out this l Sunil Chhetri by 2 root 2 is equals to 1 by 3 + 4 y square is Forex so into Mega B three plus l bi fore u can see it if you take LCM and get 4 + 3 is equal to be in to make a l is equals to B by 2 root 2 so we want is omega so I will write Omega is equals to so this service

x 12 b and L B by 2 root 2 to this will get cancelled by stick for the you can also write it 32 into two so you will get 3 root 2 by 7 into be in it so this will be so you can see a is the correct answer 3 root 2 by 7 l into we think you

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