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Class 12






Daily Practice Problem


A river of width 100 m is flow...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : 15
Solution : <img src="" width="80%"> <br> From A to B in y-direction <br> `S_(y)=u_(y)t+(1)/(2)a_(y)y_(2)rArr 100 =0+(1)/(2)(B)t^(2)` <br> t = 10 sec <br> From A to B, in x-direction <br> `S_(x) = u_(x)t` <br> `S_(x) = (1.5)xx(10)=15m`

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hello Ravana river of width 100 is flowing with velocity 1.5 metre per second the man start from 1 and with rest relative to the river and hero relation to metre per second square relative to the river in the man was to cross the river in minimum time by how much distance he be in the direction of river the man was to same in minimum time to the man will keep it is velocity always and always in the direction perpendicular to the river with respect to the river so if you see the man velocity will be in this direction river velocity will get added in this direction so if you see the acceleration is given so this is the acceleration of man with respect to the river

and reaches the velocity of the river and the man have to travel this much hundred in this direction so you can get the time it was see the acceleration is given it is the 2 metre per second square perpendicular to the river so you can get the time required to cross the river it will be hundred is equals to the acceleration in this direction is this only if you take this as y and x rate this is X and this is why we can see the Y direction acceleration is this and the Y direction displacement is that so we're just writing the second equation of motion that has so if you see here the displacement in Y direction is hundred acceleration is to write down hundred is

equals to 2 by 2 into X square + b = 210 S now write down the drift in this direction sources there is a velocity because of the river in X direction so I will write down the drift that is an exaggeration is velocity of the river if you see a text direction in acceleration it only how the river velocity with that is given in the question it is 1.5 and security with respect to the ground the man velocity will be this and this we already understood that this is along y-axis and this is along x-axis so I will write down that we are into the time to crores to 1.5 into 10 it is 50 M and drift and answer of

this question thank you

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