A ring and a disc are initially at rest, side by side, at the top of an inclined plane which makes an angle `60^(@)` with the horizontal. They start to roll without slipping at the same instant of time along the shortest path. If the time difference between their reaching the ground is `(2 - sqrt(3)) //sqrt(10s)` 2– 3 / 10s, then the height of the top of the inclined plane, in metres, is _____________ . Take `g = 10ms^(-2)`

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Solution :
`t=sqrt((2(h "cosec"theta))/a), a=(g sin theta)/(1+k^(2)/R^(2))` [K is radius of gyration) <br> `t_("ring") = sqrt((2h(1+1))/(g sin ^(2)theta)) = sqrt(h) 4/sqrt(30), t_("disc") = sqrt((2h)(1+1/2))/(g sin^(2)theta) = sqrt(h) (2sqrt(3))/(sqrt(30))` <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/VMC_PHY_XI_WOR_BOK_03_C06_E05_068_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> `rArr Delta = t_("ring")-t_("disc") =(4-2sqrt(3))/sqrt(30) sqrt(h) = (2-sqrt(3))/sqrt(10) rArr 2/sqrt(3) sqrt(h)=1 rArr h=3/4 = 0.75`


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Kuchh Nahin set a ring and a disc are initially actress side by side at the top of insulin plane which makes an angle 60 degree with the horizontal the start to rule without sleeping at the same strength of the time ok along the shortest path if that time difference between layer reaching the ground is to minus under root 3 under root 10 S ok that is ok then the height of the top of the insulin plane in M is ok we find out that three that is wrong so we start the nation

pollution we have incident play this is an incident plane ok an angle that is Pedigree we have ring and ring and disc are ok this is a ring Anderson distance we start our acceleration of Rolling down and its plane acceleration ruling rolling Body down body down

n insolent meaning please that is easy ABCD sikhao cheater account oneplus call Mr I see moment of inertia movement of inertia papdi show the moment of inertia of the body write down ring Bhojpuri chij ka open 2 idsk

Poojai sin theta divided by 3 using the formula we know that the formula that is as Hindi UT + 80 square by 2 and we put value and that is equation is based upon sin theta kochuri one by two G sin theta divided by 2 into square that means even is equals to be Stephen curry underwood 4G M2 that is equals to D under rule /

sorry this is not forest this is under rule got the value 32 near airport Mandal 3 / 3 - 404 2 minus under root 3 divided by 10 ok under root x bracket 4 upon under root 3 MI 2 - 3 short Durood actress Kasthuri Tum -303

under root 3 divided by 4 - 203 MI Y2 value of French that is height is 0.75 out of this is 0.75 and thank you for the

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