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Class 10






Refraction Of Light At Plane Surfaces


A ray of light strikes the sur...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello sir question is array of light strikes the surface of a rectangular slab such that the angle of incidence in air is zero degree and 45 degree in which case case draw a diagram to show the particle weather and it passes through the glass slab and image from its in this question we have to draw the diagrams for the both these so first case the re-entering normally so the entering normally the angle of incidence and the lie is equal to zero therefore the angle of refraction equal to zero so that we will go Street without any deflection

San 2nd pass part when it is the first part when angle of incidence is zero now in second part when angle of incidence is equal to 45 degree will be this is the reason we have to normal normal one and the normal to so incident ray will be like this 45 degree so after represent Ban towards the normal then after refraction through glass slab it bends away from the normal so angle of incidence will be 45 degree angle of refraction

will be less than the 45 degree and also in this is also the angle of refraction and the angle of emergence is also equal to 45 degree with diagram for the second part of these answered your question and the path will be like this

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