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Class 12






Ray Optics


A ray of light falls on the su...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Answer : B

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sasur a question that there is array of light ok which falls on the surface of a spherical glass paperweight ok and it makes an angle of Alpha with the normal and is reflected in the medium at angle and Mission of emergent ray from direction of incident ray is we have to find out the deviation in the emergent ray from the incident ray so let me draw a paper wait for you historical paperweight presupposes a spherical paper weight OK so we can see that suppose this is the normal if this is normal then suppose this is the incident ray incident ray it gets incident year

it gets reflected ok and then it emerges ok and then it emerges students in normal wear and normal will be like this ok sunao like this we will see that they are meeting here ok so this is the incident ray the reflected ray and this is the emergent ray ok the it is the the red light Falls at an angle of Sulphur and it is refracted with the angle of Beta this angle will also be angle beta so we have to find the angle of emergent sunao students we can see that in the figure in the first

Fazer deviation by angle this is alpha and this is beta so this is getting created by the angle of angle of Alpha minus beta ok latest make it as angle sunao at the second surface we can see that the deviation is by beta to Alpha ok the angle of deviation is it again and will be of this part will be Alpha minus beta ok so now let me explain to again that if the race getting incident at an angle alpha and this is a refracting angle theta then we can see that change in the angle of we can say debated angle is equal to Alpha minus beta ok and in this case if we consider this as incident ray and this is reflected ray

this will be it is striking normal with angle beta and coming out with angle Alpha so we have to communicate with angle Alpha ok so we can see that the difference ok the deviation will also be for this part will also be Alpha minus beta is this part is also Alpha minus beta so what will be the total deviation what will be the total deviation total division will be equal to division at first part the debate live Asianet second part of it will be too into Alpha minus beta minus 2 is equal to in Two Alpha minus beta is the correct option which is option number 4

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