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Class 12






Nta Jee Mock Test 77


A radioactive sample of half l...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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707 x750 x500 x250 x

Answer : A

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the question is a radioactive sample of half life 33 contains 1000x nuclei number of original nuclei present after 5 days is in the given option Bihar 70 7756 502 50 now we have a relation that is given as equals to a not X 1 by 2 x of over half OK where is the number of active nuclei after time T ok not is the number of initial nucleus ok number of initial nucleus and we can seat Time request to at time T = 20 ok anti in the question is given to be 5 days

ok and we have tea half the half life time given the question is 10 days ok so we have to find the value of a after 5 days so putting the values we have a will be given equal to know a notice thousand and we have one by two over the value of t is 5 and value of t office so this is cancelled by 2 and we will get the sequence 2000 X whole divided by this will be to to the power 1 by 2 that is route to so 2008 to give us this is thousand X into 0.707 on following this you will get a will be nearly equal to 70 70 this many nuclear is will be present after 5 days out of the given options we have a b c and d option we will be the correct answer

thank you

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